Saturday, March 6, 2010

Wet and Gay at PUERTO GALERA!

Puerto Galera has been reputed as the "IT" destination during the Holy Week among gay men. Just take a bus (from Manila) going to Batangas port at this time of the year, you will immediately notice a good number of gay men (from the straight-acting ones to the effeminates) all going to ONE destination -- Puerto Gaylera!

I don't have any historical reference yet how this trend started. I only caught up with the trend in 2007, when a friend invited me to experience PG during Holy Week. For a change, why not?
And it was total chaos indeed! There were just too many people... mixed crowd, but predominantly gays. It was fun though...

The shores of the White Beach can be busy with boats arriving,
thus making swimming quite risky. The waters are also "cantilado"
which means, it can get instantly deep just a few feet from the shore.

There are more "peaceful" beaches though, at the other side
of the shore. Less people come here and practically no boats at all!
The mountains at the back are always covered with thick
clouds... I always notice that.

There are some surprises PG is offering for the inquisitive travelers...
At the farthest end of the shore (you must take a tricycle to get there...
that's how far it is) can be found the BEST ITALIAN restaurant in the area.
The place gets really crowded especially in the afternoon...
Most who come here are foreigners and families.

LUCA'S offers the best and the most authentic Italian dishes prepared
by no other than ... LUCA! He's an Italian guy who settled in the
island and established this restaurant...

Food servings are really big... and the prices are very affordable!

When we ate here, though, we just finished island hopping
and swimming, and my tired body needed all the carbs it lost
during the strenuous activities... ergo, I was able to finish
this plate of pasta! hahaha...

White Beach can be boring during the day.. So, it's better to
rent a boat like this one and explore the other islands...
Go snorkeling at the Coral Garden... It's a must!

After all the partying, this is White Beach at the break of dawn...
with the inebriated crowd...

Going to Puerto Galera every year could become a trite
experience. But what makes us come back year after year
are the opportunity to meet new friends or simply seeing
and catching up with long lost buddies...

Alright, here are my SUNSET SHOTS... No beach holiday is ever complete without one, noh? hehehe

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