Tuesday, February 21, 2012

MANILA: A Closer Look (Part 1)

I find Manila interestingly charming. This may not be the city I want to live in because of its flood-prone and narrow streets, but I still continue to find myself going here at least once a month to experience her alluring vibrancy and chaos. Her rich history and underbelly piques my imagination like no other city in the Philippines.  Her invaluable role in the country's politics, religion, trade, education and culture sets her apart from the rest. 

Despite her grim appearance, she still possess that indelible character that made her an enviable city in the Far East during her golden, pre-WW II age. One only needs to take a walk to explore and re-discover the remnants of her once glorious past.  You'll be surprised how most of them survived, despite utter neglect.