Saturday, June 19, 2010

SAN VICENTE, PALAWAN: The Next Tourism Hotspot

The island province of Palawan never runs out of destinations blessed with unmatched and pristine beauty. Just 5 to 6 hours drive from the capital city, Puerto Princesa, another paradise awaits intrepid and curious traveler who is always in search of that unspoilt paradise...

San Vicente is a quiet municipality in Northwestern, Palawan boasting of equally captivating islands and beaches. It is currently undergoing a series a development as the town is envisioned to be the next tourism hotspot in the country. Our local guide tells us that a number of hotel chains and prominent individuals have already bought properties in the area. In a few years' time, resorts and hotels will be built to accommodate the expected influx of local and foreign tourists.

I guess I'm fortunate to see and experience the place while it's still unspoilt. The sheer beauty of the islands, sans the manicured, man-made landscape, is beyond words. If you don't call this Paradise, there must be something wrong with you!

A vacation house in front of the Long Beach. The design/architecture
of the house blends well with the environment.

The view from the house. The beach is just a few meters away.

A walk down the beach revealed this massive jellyfish, gone ashore.
Seeing this made me think twice to swim at the beach.

The Long Beach. The photo was taken around 6am, when the sun
has not shone on its shores yet. At midday, the beach becomes
blindingly white,just like Boracay. The sand's texture is fine.
The beach is actually 14 kms.long that's why it's been dubbed as
the Longest White Beach in the country.

(Below) The Daplac Cove, Boayan Island. Another paradise
that is a subject of so much controversy. For more info about
the Island and learn what you can do, please visit

As for me, I believe the island should be protected
from big hotel companies who will only disrupt the island's
ecosystem. Let it remain as it is... and let people go here
as they please, without paying too much fees.

Well, the island is about an hour's boat ride from the main
town of San Vicente. The seas can be rough during noon to
mid-afternoon, so expect a very bumpy ride. As soon as you
reach the Cove, the waters are already calm and the
view is just magnificent!

(Below) Some of the islands found in San Vicente.

(Below) The new International Airport. As part of the
Arroyo government's plan to boost the town's tourism potential,
a new international airport is being built right in San Vicente.
The airport, according to our guide, will have direct flights
from Thailand, Japan, Bali, etc.

And to experience San Vicente's Long Beach, one no longer
needs cross the seas, as the airport is conveniently
located near the coast.

San Vicente is also just 3 hours away from El Nido.
Once the airport becomes operational, it can cut the travel
time from Puerto Princesa to El Nido significantly.


laarnz said...

hi! can u recommmend a place to stay in san vicente the vacation house for rent? thanks...

Drew Edan said...


the vacation house is a private property... :-(
When I went there last year, construction was ongoing for a hotel... I'm not sure if it's done as of this time.

you can however try the hostels / lodging in around the area... Since the place isn't really developed for tourism yet, the fees are relatively cheaper... and manage your expectations :-)

Have fun! You'll enjoy San Vicente for a its laid back ambiance...

jeremy mikelson said...

i was absolutely amazed with the size of the jelly fish. I hope I'd be able to stay in a good el nido beach resort for the ultimate vacation experience.:) Great post!