Monday, December 1, 2008


Golf is probably the stupidest sport (if we can even call it a sport!) ever invented!

I hate golf, simply because of the fact that it destroys the environment just to satisfy the whims of its wealthy players!

A golf course is not just a tiny piece of land... Imagine the number of trees torn down? And imagine the amount of water used everyday to maintain its well-manicured grass?

(from a lush vegetation somewhere in Tagaytay...)

(turned into a playground of the rich... )

And it's not even a sport for all! It is only played by a few who can afford to buy the expensive equipments, to pay the cabbie, and the lofty membership fees! Gosh!!! Why oh why?

This is no doubt a leisure against nature!!!

(Oh well, I think golf should be played in the desert!)

I am definitely not playing Golf in my entire life...


atticus said...

ay, second the motion ako riyan. punyemas na pang-ubos ng tubig ng madla. mayayaman lang ang nakikinabang diyan.

nakita mo ba iyong mga kinalbong puno sa tomas morato? sa kanto ng scout de guia, malapit sa kopiroti? nag-iinit ulo ko pag nakikita ko. mga walang silbi ang utak ng may gawa noon. hrmph.

ANDYTOWN said...

i don't understand why some people hate trees and cut them down just like that!