Friday, September 25, 2009


Manila never fails to amaze me. I know it still has a lot of places to discover and explore.

It was only recently that I got the chance to re-visit the Museum of the Filipino People and the National Museum. I thought they were still dark and gloomy inside, with that distinct smell of history permeating permanently in your nose, in your clothes, in your body. But I was wrong.

Happily, these museums have been renovated and "modernized". The lighting system have been upgraded, as well as the airconditioning. They are also well-maintained by the staff, who make sure that cleanliness is impeccable and systems are in place.

who needs an elevator if you have this
beautiful staircase?

Visiting these museums are no doubt a great alternative from the usual hangout places we normally go to. It gives us a sense of appreciation for our culture and history. Take time to read the captions, and try to do more research when you get home to truly appreciate and understand what the artifacts, the artworks are all about.

According to John Silva, the museum's Senior Consultant, Jose Rizal became a renaissance man that he has become because of his regular visits in the world's biggest museums and libraries in Europe. There, he learned a lot of things that sparked more yearning for learning and of course, critical thinking.

The main attraction - The Spoliarium (Juan Luna)

I know this won't be the last of my visits in our country's museums. I am now eyeing to visit the Ayala Museum, the Metropolitan in BSP, etc. this coming days. Seeing the works of great people and our ancestors stimulates my mind... my curiosity, and most of all, aggrandize my sense and concept of beauty.

as John Silva puts it, this is an oasis in the city

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