Friday, April 9, 2010


El Nido is one of my dream destinations in the country. I have always been intrigued with its karsts / stone formations, and its clear waters. And when I got there, my initial impression was... WOWWWW!

It's really a land of wonders! The stones mountains that surround the town plaza were so magnificent, one gets a feeling of amazement and intimidation upon seeing them all over you. As an urbanite, I am used to seeing tall skyscrapers surrounding me. But these karsts are really magical! I wouldn't mind staring at the them whole day!

The islands are also beautiful, and so are the waters surrounding them. Now I know why foreign tourists love this part of Palawan. You can actually see them in the islets/islands enjoying the waters or just the view! Our nation is indeed blessed!

I just observed that most Pinoy tourists who were at the lagoon were quite funny! They were so afraid to jump in the crystal clear and calm waters despite having their life vests on. And once they're on the water, they cuddle together like playing "the boat is sinking, group yourselves into..."! And just a few meters away, you can see the foreign tourists snorkeling without their vests on, moving (or swimming) or swimming around like children thrown in a pool! How ironic that as a nation surrounded with waters, most Pinoys don't know how to swim... or are afraid of the sea/waters.

El Nido is such a paradise... and the only way to truly enjoy is to dive into its sparkling beauty, literally and figuratively!

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