Monday, January 7, 2013


The Novena Mass ends in Baclaran and I rush to get a ride along Roxas Blvd. to reach the CCP Complex before the glorious glaring ball call it a day.  

I was not alone.  Some tourists and locals were also there to marvel at the beauty of the sun slowly disappearing in the horizon.  No doubt a beauty for everyone to see! And the best thing is, it is for free!  

The Sunset at Manila Bay is an enduring image of Manila's identity and natural charm. Some even claim that it's the most beautiful sunset in the world.  Sadly, I heard some news that the bay in this area is being planned to be reclaimed to give way for more development and infrastructure. 

As Filipinos who love our capital city, we should not allow this to happen.  Manila will entirely lose its identity if its magnificent view of the sunset will be obstructed by tall buildings and other infrastructure. 

Let us preserve the beauty of our city.  What we need is to revitalise its historic quarters,   keep it clean and crime-free and improve/preserve the existing infrastructures.  Tourism is the key for this city to be on its feet again.  And it is not impossible if the city's officials will only have a world-class vision of this city who was once the envy of its neighbouring sisters in Asia.  

Please support the petition to preserve Manila Bay... 


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