Friday, May 24, 2013


I am not sure if there's a Filipino who can visit all of the country's 7,107 islands in his/her entire lifetime.  Oh well, is it even possible?  
But i consider myself lucky enough to be able to visit some of my country's fascinating islands that promises an unforgettable experience for its visitors.  And unforgettable it is, indeed, when I got the chance to visit one of Mauban, Quezon's pride - the Cagbalete Island.  

You need to walk far just to reach the waters!

Situated in the eastern part of the country, facing the vast Pacific Ocean, Cagbalete Island is a surprise!  Its vast shoreline and white sands can be a perfect backdrop for endless picture-taking or a good venue for beach-related sports. Though relatively small in size, this island is popular among Quezon locals and intrepid travelers.  

Going there is a bit of an adventure.  You are most likely to encounter strong waves as you cross the sea from Mauban port to Cagbalete.  I only stayed there for a few hours, and was not able to visit some of the island's other parts.  What I saw, though, was enough to convince me that I may not go back there again.  

The island has a laid-back, quiet vibe with quite a few people living in it.  It was apparent that tourism-related commercialism has not invaded its shores yet. Thus, one should not expect the usual products and services tourists would normally get.  There are available resorts for accommodation, so you can still stay here for a few days.  

It's not really for swimming.  The shoreline is so vast, especially during low tide, that getting to the waters deep enough to swim might take you several minutes' walk. It actually reminded me of the beach in Ranong, Thailand where we filmed Survivor Philippines.  

However, it is perfect for kids who just wants to play in the sand or run around.  You won't fear that they might curiously go to the waters and accidentally get drowned.  But for someone who loves to swim like myself, I don't think I would enjoy staying here for a few days.  

I'm still glad I was able to visit Cagbalete. After all, it's good to see a new place once in a while, and this is definitely not the typical island I have ever been to in the Philippines.  

One of the available accommodations in the island.  

Low tide

The shore is perfect for sports or just strolling around.  

Our boat got stuck during low tide. 

Floods in Manila is even deeper! 

Reminds me of the fallen trees in Ranong, Thailand. 

Local kids collecting shells.  
Can you imagine how far you can go? I am taking the shot, and i'm not even on the waters yet. 
Some of the island residents. 

The church in the town of Mauban, Quezon.  


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kelan ka nag-cagbalete??

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