Sunday, April 24, 2011


Every town or city in this country has its own festivities! And most of them are deeply rooted in religious and farming traditions...

In Manila, city dwellers get a glimpse of these festivities from around the country in the annual ALIWAN FESTIVAL. A number of organizations (from various towns/cities) take part in this colorful and merry spectacle to parade their local traditions, beautiful boys and girls, products, artistry and culture!

The parade starts at the Quirino Grandstand and ends in front of Aliw Theatre at the CCP Complex. It's good to see people braving the mid-afternoon heat just to witness this event. The mood is festive and relaxed.

I waited for the parade (floats, costumes, etc.) at Aliw Theatre. I was hoping to get clear pictures with natural light... Unfortunately, the parade arrived early evening and the lights were not strong enough from our position. Anyway, I had fun and it was a great opportunity to experience this kind of grand festivity even in an urbanized city...

make-up retouch... nakakahulas naman kasi mag-parada sa init ng araw!

Most participants come from Mindanao! There were only a few which
represented Luzon (Bulacan) and Visayas (Iloilo)

The girls and the pa-girls! I noticed that there were quite a number of
gay participants in the parade... How energetic they were and they
really loved their costumes!

I compare these bands to warriors ... when they beat their drums,
you can see the warrior-like intensity and passion in their eyes!


atticus said...

galing ng pics. daming movement at color.

tala said...

somehow i've never thought that manila has this kind of festival... i've always associated festivals with provinces, my bad. nakaka-miss masskara tuloy!