Thursday, April 21, 2011


Palawan never ceases to surprise its visitors! The province (or its group of islands) is never called "the last frontier" for nothing!

On its northwestern side lies the island of Calauit - a game preserve where animals are free to roam and propagate! (to know more about the island, visit ).

Our tour guide told us that this island turned into a game preserve by then Pres. Marcos as a gift to his son, Bongbong. Animals were imported from Africa. Sadly, the succeeding administration never prioritized its maintenance on their budget allocation, thus the island slowly went into oblivion... Consequently, the welfare of the animals suffered. (Yes, the island needs a budget for veterinarians, maintenance of facilities, etc.)

But the current administration of Palawan province realized its tourism potential, and efforts are under way to improve the game preserve's deteriorating state. Let's just hope that the animals, more than the tourists, benefit from this...


From Coron, a long drive (app. 2 to 3 hours) will take you to this
part where a small boat will bring you to the main island of Calauit.

The boat ride is just 5 minutes or less. The water is pristine,
as it is surrounded by land and mangroves!

A truck/vehicle used to transport tourists around the island...

Giraffes spread their front legs to reach their food on the ground.

Kids can feed the (gentler) animals!


Palawan Bearcat

an endemic deer - The Calamian/Mouse Deer

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